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The vineyard



A unique terroir

This 20 ha vineyard is located in the heart of the appellation "Cognac Fins Bois" on limestone slopes near the Gironde estuary, 50kms south of Cognac. On this exceptional and unique "terroir", we cultivate with passion and great attention 30 years old Cabernet and Merlot grapes for the Pineau and Ugni Blanc and Colombard, white grapes to elaborate the Cognac.

A meticulous work

Convinced that the production of exceptional products passes above all by obtaining very high quality grapes, we bring to the culture of our vineyard, the most meticulous care. It is through daily, attentive and rigorous work, carried out by the winegrowers, that we perpetually strive to achieve this subtle balance between the climate, the soil, and the vines, which leads to perfect maturity and great richness of the grapes. Through attentive rigorous and meticulous viticultural management, we seek the subtle balance between climate, soil and vine to produce fruit of great maturity and richness. To preserve and offer future generations the quality and authenticity of our terroir, we practice sustainable agriculture.